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Best feature to managing the diet schedules for dietitian and nutritionist.

Appointing a Good trainer or having a modernized equipment's is enough to run your Gyms/Clubs/Clinics .Gym/Club management seems to be very crucial task because there are many unseen smaller things carrying a big part including Managing members, Maintain their diet plan, Appoint their schedules and So on. Many things have been attached with this to run your Gym/Clinics more effectively.
For that iHealthAssist is the Perfect Solution to Manage your Gym/Clubs/Clinic more effectively with having an amazing feature to interact with your Clients/Members and to walk towards the digital world.

For Gym/Club/Clinic

  • Gym/Club Owners can registered their Gym/Fitness center on iHealthAssist for better interaction with Customers by providing attractive packages, discounts, various offers.
  • By providing all details in one report via email, users can easily checkout anywhere he/she wants. He/she are not require to check his/her health chart by carrying bundles of papers.
  • Even they can take regular measurement of their clients and send to them.So rather than maintaining bundles of papers iHealthassist helps to converts Your diet plans Books in simply digitalize way.
  • Dietician/nutritionist can assign the diet plan to their clients. They can give them reminders to follow the diet plan, so clients get the notification about their diet plan on respective time.