1.What is iHealthAssist?
iHealthAssist is Gym/Club/Clinic Management Software For Gym/Club Owners or For Dietitian/Nutritionist to manage their Gym or Clinics in Efficient way
2.How can i Install iHealthAssist Software ?
To install iHealthAssist or If you want to use iHealthAssist for managing your Gym/Club/Clinics you have to register.Buy your comfort plan and start managing your Gym/Clinic or if you want to run from your cell you can donload the android app from Google play store Namely iHealthassist For Gym/Club Owners /Dietitions or Click the the clcik to downlaod the app
3.How can i add a Customer/Enquiry to my application ?
Go to Customer/Enquiry List,Click on add new Customer , enter all details of your customers/enquiry and click on submit button.
4.Can i Notify all updates to my Customer/Clients?
Yes,You can assign all details regarding measurement package expiry,invoices through SMS EMAIL, Notification.
5.How we can help our customer effectively by using iHealthAssist?
By assigning effective diet plan,schedules to your Customers/Clients.
6.How Customers/Clients can know the recent updates regarding Gyms/Fitness Centers/Diets?
You can notify the Customers/Clients through SMS/Email/Notification.