Biometrics Attendance Machine Specially For Gyms/Clubs Owners

Biometric Attendance Machine Specially For Gyms/Clubs Owner


  • Automatic Reminders.
  • Autosend Attendance Reports.
  • Autotransfer Data.
  • Accessed Anytime.
  • Specially Designed For Gyms/Clubs.
  • Reports & Emails.
  • Alerts To Members.
  • Auto Updates.


  • No need to ask for payment from customers again and again,since machine automatically blocks the users who have not paid the membership.
  • Automatic alerts to members for non-payment of fees.
  • Automatic alert to members for package expiry.
  • Monthly attendance report to members with measurement,if measurement are entered into system.


Using biometric time and attendance systems,allows members to check in and out using their fingerprint,or many a times this process accomplished by a PIN which is unique for all members that must be match with fingerprint or other scan.
Pairing Your biometric device with a time and attendance software allows more efficient attendance processing,rather than spending hours for manually check in or checkout time. your biometric time and attendance machines allow you to import data into software.